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Katie B Jazz

Katie B is a jazz and soul musician with a lot of experience. She has sung and performed in numerous concert halls, private events, bars, restaurants and even the Royal Albert Hall in London.


Katie can adapt to any situation, whether it's singing in a big concert with an orchestra in front of 10,000 people, or celebrating a small birthday party in a house with 10 guests accompanied by a pianist, or even soundtrack.

With her sublime, powerful, elegant and jazzy, she can light up a large concert hall, and also with her finesse, she can also do more calm and jazzy songs for a smaller event.

Covering songs from jazz legends such as Ella Fitzgerald to Nina Simone, she can also do more modern songs, like Amy Winehouse and Norah Jones.

Having started uploading more videos to her Youtube channel since April 2017, Katie quickly had over 50,000 views on her channel, and continues to grow.

If you want to see more, take a look at Katie's Youtube channel, where you will see various videos recorded live.

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